Urban Technology Consulting:
Code is the New Concrete

Based in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, Ellis & Associates was founded to help cities and municipalities address their most pressing challenges. We believe the frontier of urban impact lies at the intersection of transportation and technology, and we work directly with the cities that are leading the way.

We combine expertise in policy, transportation, and information technology, to act as trusted advisors and partners to cities. We are policy wonks, software architects, and data scientists, working together to build a better urban future with our clients and partners.

Our job is to help cities chart a path to a more digital transportation future. We believe in open standards, open source, and the power of cities to solve the most pressing challenges of the built and digital environments.

Ellis & Associates is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lacuna Technologies, Inc. Find out more about Lacuna here.


Our unique, interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving is made possible by our people. We come together from all over the world and from a diverse set of industries - automotive, aviation, IoT, telecom, cloud services, privacy law, professional services, and more.

We are united in our commitment to putting cities first, and in leveraging technology to improve the world we share. We also recognize that hard problems don't always have a tech fix - they need political coalition-building and hard work too.

If you're interested to join us, reach out at careers@ellis-and-associates.com to learn more about opportunities in our Palo Alto and Los Angeles offices, or potential remote roles.